Meet Kathy
Driven to find a solution to the mud bath that was her unpaved driveway in the midst of the rainy cape winters, Kathy is the happy owner of Wonky Wines. She is equally passionate about people and wine, which makes going to work every day almost a breeze. Married to Craig, they have two children.

Meet Sam
Sam promotes Wonky Wines in the Atlantic seaboard area as well as in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. She is married to Michael and has two daughters.

Meet Robynne
Robynne is Kathy’s sister and lives and teaches at a private school in London. She is a social butterfly and promotes Wonky Wines to her network of friends in South Africa.

Meet Craig
Craig is married to Kathy and, believe it or not, runs his own successful business – and it’s not Wonky Wines! He is often roped into the madness and lends a hand wherever he can.